Media Literacy

Media Violence, Harmful Content & Aggression

Media violence is commonly portrayed and associated with greater thrill and playability. Yet research has explored how media violence normalises violence and desensitises viewers, and consistently proves the causal link between violent media and aggression. This programme presents evidence on how media violence affects the attitudes and behaviours of viewers. Students will learn about the effects of media violence, gain awareness on how to manage exposure and mediate against negative mental and emotional effects.

What participants say

Teong Seng Secondary 3, Hwa Chong Institution

I like how the programme was interactive with effective utilisation of videos to substantiate a point. It's a enriching programme which illustrates what media violence is, how it affects us and what we can do about it.

Clarabelle Junior High 4, Dunman High School

I learned how media violence affects us at a young age, even though we might not be able to recognise it or feel the effects at the early stage.

Kian Wai Junior High 4, Dunman High School

I am on my way to becoming an aggresor and the one that cause this ticking bomb may be the media I consume, hence it is important for me to filter and control the amount of violent content I am consuming unknowingly.

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