We are Media Literacy School, an agency dedicated to promoting cyber wellness and media advocacy in youths and adults.

MLS is a pioneer for cyber wellness, media literacy & digital citizenship education in Singapore. Through Kingmaker Consultancy & Amplitude Academy, we’ve conducted thousands of programmes & reached more than ½ million students in 250 schools in Singapore. Audiences also include students, educators & parents in Malaysia, Vietnam & the United States of America.

MLS believes in educating about the dangers but also embracing technology, leveraging it to maximise benefits for humankind. We are dedicated to provide high quality, relevant and effective training to address the most pressing challenges with media in the digital age.

We design education solutions for healthy use of devices, privacy & online aggression, computer security, information & media persuasion. Through assembly talks, advocacy training, workshops & experiential learning games, students learn to navigate the online space safely, responsibly and expertly.

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