Cyber Wellness

Responsible Video Gaming

With instant gratification and reward systems in video games, it is easy to relegate learning and real-life pursuits to secondary priorities. In this programme, students learn about the importance of responsible gaming for healthy development through videos and real-life stories. They identify their own gaming motivation, assess their own gaming habits and build healthy alternatives.

What participants say

Ms Loh Teacher, Endeavour Primary School

Case studies are relevant to some pupils and methods to help themselves stay in control.

Mrs Tse Teacher, Methodist Girls' School (Primary)

Used relevant examples, pro-family values, gives helpful tips to overcome weaknesses and empowers participants.

Anonymous Teacher, Methodist Girls' School (Primary)

It is interactive mixed with real life examples drawn that enable them to feel the intensity and gravity of the situation.

Mr Chua Teacher, Holy Innocents' Primary School

It helps pupils be aware of the bad effects of the Internet world.

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