March 5, 2020

ST Feature: Schools to devote more time to cyber wellness education

We are in the news!

Coincidentally as education announcements were made in Parliament, our team of trainers were out and about conducting our ‘Social Media: Online Reputation’ module in two different schools. Here is what the teachers and students had to say:

“Very current examples compared to other cyber wellness packages which are quite dated and do not involve social media trends that the students are familiar with.”
– Teacher, Ang Mo Kio Secondary School

“I like the way she explains the different kinds of post that people post and also the effect of posting our pictures online.”
– Student, Ang Mo Kio Secondary School

“The most impactful thing I learnt was that are pictures and videos that can be potentially sensitive and harmful to one's self and the society.”
– Student, Bartley Secondary School

The latest announcements from Parliament directly align with the #medialiteracy work that we believe in and continue to do. Over the last decade, Kingmaker (and now Media Literacy School) has been partnering with schools to customise developmental #cyberwellness framework that engage and value-add. We look forward to more good work to come!

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