January 18, 2020

Flying the Singapore Flag High: Digital Literacy Conference (USA 2019)

We are back from the Digital Literacy Conference in Iowa! More than 100 educators from different schools came together for Train-the-Trainer sessions conducted by Principal Consultant Mr Poh Yeang Cherng and Principal Trainer Ms Grace Lee, learning best practices in pedagogy and engagement for digital literacy education in schools.

Two modules were designed and delivered at this conference, 1) Understanding the Benefits and Risks of Digital Activities and 2) Screen Time - Media Multi-tasking, Wellness & Academic Performance. Educators learnt to assess behavioural motivations for Internet use, recognise problematic Internet usage, as well as self-regulation tips and diversification plans. They also received learning resources to scale these modules in their own schools, with action plans for students' technology management, academic productivity and wellness.

Dates for next year's conference have already been announced, and we look forward to another quality engagement when partners from Fully-Verified will join us with a lecture on safe online behavior! Here's to flying the Singapore flag high in digital literacy education globally.