Digital Citizenship

Social Media, User Responsibility & Online Reputation

The business model of social media is based on viral content to attract attention for advertising. This usually happens regardless of quality or salience. Users have limited control over how undesirable information spreads and remains on the Internet. This programme teaches caution in creating and maintaining an online image, especially exploring careful use of online photos, videos, and responsible expression on the Internet. Through case studies, storytelling and perspective-taking, participants are taught to make wise decisions on social media, both to safeguard themselves and to preserve the reputation of others online.

What participants say

Camelia Secondary 3, Woodlands Ring Secondary School

The most impactful takeaway I learned is that we should be more responsible of taking care of other’s feelings before posting on social media.

Xinyue Secondary 2, Nanyang Girls' High School

One social media post could affect the reputation of a person for many years to come and we must all be responsible when using social media.

Syazwani Secondary 2, Raffles Girls' School

It affects me a lot. Privacy, reputation, information plus it affects my future too, such as job interviews whereas others are information but is not as impactful, affecting me this much.

Ms Chan Teacher, Si Ling Secondary School

The presenter was able to capture the students' attention by playing videos like "Unbelievable" and showing interesting photos from Stomp. From there, he gradually moved on to the impact of posting negative stuff via social platform which hit the nail. The presentation was impactful, coherent and the speaker spoke well. I enjoyed the morning programme very much. Thanks.

Cleo Secondary 4, Woodlands Ring Secondary School

The trainer made me understand much more about risks & benefits of the social media, allowing us to be more aware of our Internet usage.

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