Cyber Wellness

Managing Screen Time & Media Multitasking for Productive Learning

With mobile devices, the average teenager is now constantly connected with people and interactive media. This demands instant attention and increases screen time. It conditions brains differently, and users find it difficult to sustain focus on learning and tasks. The programme draws from multiple scientific studies regarding the effects of technology on learning. Through interactive multimedia and live experiments, students gain personal awareness of how digital habits affect learning. They will also customise their own action plan to manage technology, reduce distractions and practice effective learning habits.

What participants say

Azhar Secondary 1, Cedar Girls' Secondary School

I learned how to regulate my time spent on my devices and why they work. It helped me understand why I needed to use these methods and proved that they were effective. I like the note taking hack a lot.

Minh Secondary 1, Cedar Girls' Secondary School

Media multitasking limits our potential to work efficiently and alternate and suspended focus has its own pros and cons. The different ways to tackle this is to arrange our media usage smartly.

Regan Junior College 1, St Andrew's Junior College

The topic discussed is highly relevant for JC students and will help me with revisions.

Flora Junior High 2, Dunman High School

Multitasking should not happen when i am doing something extremely important and i should be more focused when learning instead of getting distracted easily

Xuechun Junior College 1, Anderson Junior College

It teaches me about the harmful effects of task-switching and the necessity to be focused. The suggestions and the topics given are helpful. The examples used in elaboration are impressive and interesting. After this programme I may be more focused on my studies.

Liya Junior College 1, Catholic Junior College

It's not worth being distracted (after learning how badly our devices affect us) just to stay updated, losing out on our important needs.

Quraisyah Secondary 4, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School

The presenter REALLY influenced me to start single-tasking .

Ms Danielle Teacher, River Valley High School

It is very relevant, close to students’ heart. Speaker is well aware of common behaviour of students. E.g. To counter them being distracted or disengaged, speaker uses sound effects that students are very familiar with to catch their attention. Gave meaningful and useful advice on how to readjust focus. Pointed out common problems succinctly yet not in a I-told-you-so manner.

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