Media Literacy

Social Media & Online Privacy

Social media takes center stage for Internet users all over the world, with growing widespread concern about privacy on popular platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. This programme explains fundamental business models of social media, and demonstrate how one can use them without over-compromising on privacy. Students learn tips to be astute when exchanging personal information for useful web services. Through case studies, storytelling and perspective-taking, students learn to make informed decisions on social media.

What participants say

Declan Secondary 2, Hwa Chong Institution

I like how the trainer is able to effectively convey the information to the audience, and people being able to quickly pick up the skills and information that are relevant to the topic.

Charmaine Secondary 1, Nanyang Girls' High School

The extent that social media platforms are collecting our personal information and how they are selling or distributing it is actually a lot more than we expect.

Sichi Junior College 1, Meridian Junior College

I actually learnt so much about sharing information online and actually realised that I am putting myself under risk of potential people who might want to harm me and steal my information.

Regan Junior College 1, Meridian Junior College

The real life stories and the facts that was given to us about the terms and conditions. This programme will help you to understand how the social media companies profit from the users. Once understood, users would be able to better protect ourselves.

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