Digital Citizenship

Countering Extreme Online Aggression & Cyber Bullying

The Internet is seeing increasing instances of harassment and cyberbullying. Young users are particularly vulnerable, with many high-profile victims of cyberbullying. This programme is designed to help students recognise and respond to cyberbullying as bystanders, potential aggressors and victims. Through case studies, they will deliberate about potential severity of several cyber bullying incidents. Students learn to develop empathy online and take proactive action to make the Internet a better place for their local and global community.

What participants say

Leonard Secondary 3, Hwa Chong Institution

I learned that cyber bullying is a pressing issue that can be resolved if we all work together to make the intent a better and safer place.

Wen Hui Secondary 2, Commonwealth Secondary School

This programme shows me the different impacts it has on the victims and how serious it is to them which allows us to feel and think in victims perspectives before posting anything.

Mdm Toh Teacher, Commonwealth Secondary School

It covers the every detail of cyberbullying. Even the most common trait of cyber bullying was covered (Very relevant to the level of student) Speaker has first-hand experience in this area.

Daniel Secondary 1 , Marsiling Secondary School

One can really learn a lot about how to protect oneself or support other people during cyber bullying and when being victims or bystander.

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