Cyber Wellness

Managing Screen Time & Media Use in the Family

In many homes today, families are plugged into persistent digital worlds. With digital devices, many children and youth face challenges to stay focused in academics and other real-life pursuits. Many parents grapple with managing screen time and media use for their families, sometimes ending in meltdowns and frustration. This programme draws from scientific research on the impact of digital exposure on child development, academic learning and social relationships. Parents gain insights on addictive design of devices and applications, and learn practical handles to manage digital devices in their children's lives.

What participants say

Sook Han Parent, St Andrew's Junior School

I like it that your presentation is very light and very practical insight. I will be happy and interested to attend another session.

Anonymous Parent, Dunearn Secondary School

Very lively, interesting and presented with authority. Excellent!! Very clear and well-illustrated. A morning well spent.

Anonymous Parent, Hua Yi Secondary School

Mr. Poh has given very realistic examples of what is going on out there and the seriousness of the issues. With the sharing from his talk, I am more empowered to address issues like game addiction in my family. Thank you for the impressive talk!

Anonymous Parent, Dunearn Secondary School

Packed with a lot of useful information which is well backed up by research. Promotion of healthy attitudes and habits for young.

Michael Parent, Zhonghua Secondary School

(I gained) awareness of video gaming influence to your child/ his or her addiction; how to overcome gaming addiction.

Yan Seng Parent, Beacon Primary School

The trainer is inspiring. Not only in parenting consultancy. The last seminar gave me a whole idea on how to tackle the challenge in a technology frontier manufacturing & people management. Looking forward to next Kingmaker seminar.

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