Cyber Wellness

Mastering Use of Video Games

The video game industry is currently worth more than 100 billion dollars globally. The popularity also coincides with about 8.7% of Singaporean youths who are pathological gamers. This programme helps students evaluate personal habits against pathological gaming symptoms. They dissect games features and uncover how gaming companies draw gamers to invest time and money. Through experiential learning, students learn the importance of embracing balance and acquire tips for real-world and gaming objectives.

What participants say

Reyes Secondary 1, Hwa Chong Institution

The most impactful thing that I have learned is that the types of traps that games use to attract people to play and the different types of addiction and the ways to stop oneself.

Anonymous Teacher, Serangoon Junior College

Focuses on root of problem and brings up issue to students in a non-threatening way that they would not be so defensive.

Nishiyong Secondary 2, Woodgrove Secondary School

I like the programme that it let us know that gaming addiction is not good and also the trainer told the things are very true as I was also an addicted gamer so I felt that what the trainer had talked and shown on the PowerPoint slides was very realistic that it was how I felt when I was addicted to the game.

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