Cyber Wellness

Social Media: Healthy Use & Mental Health

Mental health & wellness has escalated to become one of the top issues facing young people today. One of the key predictors is the increasing usage of digital devices and social media amongst teenagers, causing a rise in reports of less sleep, greater fear of missing out, and social comparison leading to negative self-esteem and poorer body image. This programme helps youths identify the issues they may be suffering from. Students evaluate themselves on sleeping habits, depressive symptoms, addictive use of technology, and unhealthy comparison on social media. Through case studies, storytelling and perspective-taking, participants are taught the right mindset to adopt when using digital devices. They also gain awareness and practical ideas to take steps to regulate technology use and to safeguard their wellbeing.

What participants say

Ramos Joaquin Secondary 2, Marsiling Secondary School

I like that the programme talks about the reality mostly everyone is facing these days

Wong Wan Yan Secondary 1, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School

Something I liked was that I learnt more about how social media affects me and my mental health, and it can actually be more harmful to us that we think.

Jessie Helena Secondary 1, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School

The way the trainer brought in newer areas of mental wellness and social media like FOMO and sleep deprivation.

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