August 3, 2021

ST Feature: Is social media good or bad for mental health?

Our ex-Intern Tan Yeo Shi Lee was featured in The Straits Times, and we are so proud of him! In this article, Yeo Shi shares his thoughts on the impact of Social Media on mental well-being, and how “Social Media has made him more conscious about how he represents himself online”. With more than 200,000 followers on TikTok today, he talked about how he manages his online reputation, as well as coping with pressures such as cyber bullying.

Just like Yeo Shi, many youths and young adults are facing similar challenges today. The excessive usage of digital devices and the rise of many Social Media platforms and trends have caused an increase in many social issues from reports of a greater fear of missing out (FOMO), to unhealthy social comparison leading to negative self-esteem and poorer self-image.

Meanwhile, we should not discount the benefits of social networking and connection on these platforms. This is especially crucial during this time of pandemic when many physical interactions between friends and classmates are affected. As the article rightly highlighted, “while it (the use of Social Media) can lead to issues like depression, it may also be a source of support and information”. As such, youths and young adults, today need to learn to manage and harness this new social dynamic that happens online adaptively.

In our newly updated “Social Media: Healthy Use and Mental Health” module, we aim to equip youths and young adults with handles to manage their usage of digital devices, particularly in the realm of Social Media. Through self-evaluation and having the right mindset, they will gain awareness and learn practical ideas to safeguard their mental well-being.

Social Media Modules [Mental Health, Online Privacy, User Responsibility & Online Reputation]

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